Friday, 23 September 2011

Clearfelling in Wales

These photographs provide, litterally  a "snapshot" of the kind of forestry sometimes practised in the Welsh (and British) uplands. It's "regulated" by Forestry Commission Wales who give licences for felling, or a forest plan. Then it's often subject to voluntary UK Woodland Assurance Scheme certification, which also gives Forest Stewardship Council certification as well. So timber from sites like this may be labelled as sustainable according to these standards.
The system is called clearfelling, it's not the only system available to foresters, check out "Continuous Cover Forestry".

I've had a letter on this published in the Guardian. 

A stream, previously shaded to death by dense Sitka spruce. 

General views of the large area which has been clearfelled in very few years.

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